Diamond Shine Co – What is it?

We invite you to read the fascinating story about Diamond Shine Co – the best cleaning company that specializes in house cleaning services as well as office cleanings.

  • Who are we?
  • What services do we provide?
  • Why was Diamond Shine Co incorporated?
  • What is the background of its owner?

Your office is the face of your company; therefore, you must keep it tidy, clean, and organized every day. How to choose the right office cleaning company? Is it critical what office cleaning company do you hire? Are they all the same?

Choosing the right professional cleaning company is crucial, indeed. Why? Because of your employees, customers, and business partners, who visit your office, need not just a superficially clean environment. We live in an allergy era when so many people are allergic to dust, fumes, or something else. Dust, fumes, and different dangerous carcinogens from the cleaning products can cause a lot of health problems that will lower the efficiency of your staff or even break the deal.

What about your house? It is the face of your well-being and social status. Keeping it safe as a harbor for you and your family is crucial as well. Are you 100% satisfied with your house cleaner? In spite of hundreds and even thousands of professional cleaners who offer their services today on the market in the Charlotte Metro area, there are a few who provide genuine quality professional house cleaning services.

That is the primary reason why we incorporated this professional office and house cleaning company. Here is our story.

Natalia’s Story

My name is Natalia. I was born in Ukraine and grew up in Russia. My parents were very diligent people with an entrepreneurial spirit. They worked very hard and were extremely busy. However, they always kept our home very clean.

Natalia Danelian: The owner of Diamond Shine Co

As the daughter of my parents, I’ve followed their example. Ever since I was a kid, I always tried to keep my room clean and helped my mom and grandma with house cleaning. I’ve always enjoyed cleaning the house.

After I’ve got married and moved to the Olympic city of Sochi, our family started a hospitality business. It was a small guest house on the Black Sea coast. I was a housekeeper by myself at first. I cleaned the rooms and tried to do everything in my power for our guests to enjoy clean and beautiful rooms, as well as, healthy and safe environment.

When time has gone and our business grew up, we built a new hotel, “Villa Deja Vu.” I started hiring people and teaching them how to do cleaning the right way. My primary objective was cleaning thoroughly and keep a healthy and safe environment.

Time passed, but my objective is still the same-

ensure a clean, healthy, and safe environment for my client’s home or office.

When my family moved to the United States, I decided to start my own cleaning company. Therefore, I had to learn residential and commercial cleaning because these types of cleaning differ from cleaning hotel rooms. However, my experience with housekeeping helped me a lot, and I’ve got experience with residential and commercial professional cleaning services.

At the end of 2017, my family moved to colorful Colorado, where I continued operating my cleaning business. In August 2020 my family and I have moved to North Carolina. Since then I operate my cleaning company in the Charlotte Metro Area and surroundings. My specialty is commercial cleaning, post construction, and move-in/out deep cleaning services.

As a result, for the past ten years, I’ve got an extensive experience in professional cleaning services. My passion for cleanliness and attentiveness to details, even tiny ones, urge me to provide top-quality professional cleaning service. That makes me and my company different from others.

I’m a cleaner not just because I cannot do anything else, but because I love this job, and I take pride in it. I’m happy that my knowledge and experience help me keep my clients’ offices and residential areas clean and provide a healthy environment.

Our mission – Top-quality professional cleaning services

There is a plethora of cleaning companies and independent professional cleaners in the Charlotte Metro area and surroundings. However, time and again most of the people encounter poor cleaning services. After cleaning by so-called professional cleaners, many householders clean everything or something again by themselves. Has it ever happened to you? It is very frustrating indeed.

Our mission is doing our best to make your home or office shine like a diamond to your guaranteed satisfaction and ensure a healthy and safe environment.

It seems like these so-called professionals clean only superficially not thoroughly. I’ll never forget the first house we rented in Miami, Florida. After we moved in, I spent a whole day for cleaning this so-called clean and prepared for the move-in house. It happens every time we move to the new home, even to the pretty clean for the first site.

First, we thought the house wasn’t cleaned by a professional cleaner. However, when I started my cleaning business in America, I understand the real reason for it. Indisputably, there are a lot of poor quality cleaners here.

I care about genuine cleanliness, and it is critical for me to ensure a healthy and safe environment. It was the primary reason why I decided to start my cleaning business.

My mission is offering ideal professional cleaning services.

Diamond Shine Co is absolutely different

Following our mission, we use absolutely different cleaning approaches, techniques, and procedures. We prefer thorough and diligent cleaning instead of superficial one even if you ordered a regular standard cleaning service. Therefore, our services are distinct by their top quality, high performance, and efficient. You’ll never look for any other office or house cleaning company.

Understandably, the price of our office and house cleaning services is not the cheapest one. Of course, some people do not care about the quality and efficiency of the cleaning; however, there are plenty of people who care about it, and they are our prospects.

If you are one of them, that is a person who esteems high quality, high performance, and efficiency, you will absolutely love our professional cleaning services.

Efficiency in office and house cleaning services

Efficient services won’t necessarily save you money at the beginning, but they will substantially cut your future expenses. Keeping your home or office in a good state is crucial for any forward-minded person because they understand it prevents the property from depreciation and will save a substantial amount of money for repair services.

Are you a forward-minded person who makes an emphasis on efficiency? Because of Diamond Shine Co is the best cleaning company, we are. Therefore, we’re looking forward to working with you.

First cleaning is more extended and deeper because our professionals need to clean everything up to the top-level. The further clean-ups will be done for keeping this cleanliness level.

Therefore, do not be startled if the first house cleaning service will cost you more than you expected. Following clean-ups will be shorter and will cost less for sure.

The goal of our website

We live in a world of technology, the internet, and social media. To be successful, you need to keep pace with new trends in marketing and advertising. Thus, my husband, who is a web developer and internet marketer, built this website to help me succeed in my business.

  • What is our mission?
  • What makes us different in this industry?
  • Why choose us?

By means of this website, we want to show you who we are, what services we offer, and how we’re unique and different from others in this industry. We are indeed the best professional cleaning company in the Charlotte Metro.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and cleaning your home or office. Furthermore, we’d like to see your comments, feedbacks, and reviews on this website. We’ll appreciate if you tell us what you think about our website and services we offer.

All the best,