We, Diamond Shine Co, is a professional residential & commercial cleaning service provider that stands behind its name. We offer the better house and apartment cleaning services in the southern part of the Denver Metro. We take pride in our work.


Our priority is providing the better house & apartment cleaning services for the public in the Denver metro area. Of course, it is not an easy task to achieve this goal, but our success was proved by reviews of our satisfied clients. Seeing a smile on the faces of our clients and hearing words expressing gratitude due to the satisfaction with our work makes us happy. Such moments make us more than satisfied and proud to serve you.


We offer various cleaning plans. One of them is a one-time apartment cleaning service. Understandable, you might want to try us before making a decision if you want to continue using our professional apartment cleaning services we provide or not.

Moreover, we understand that you do not want to let any stranger into your house. Therefore, you want to get acquainted with the cleaner and see how she’s doing her job. Probably, you’ve already had an experience with some cleaners who do their job unprofessionally either because they do not know how to do it properly, or because they do not care about clients satisfaction.

We believe this is right to try the new cleaner before hiring her on a recurring program. Therefore, we offer one-time apartment cleaning services for you. Thus, you can try our cleaners to be sure they’re the good fit for you. You will see and be sure that they are hard-working professionals, who do not waste their time during their work. What is more, you will see that our cleaners are credible and reliable. Consequently, you can make a decision based on your own experience if you want to hire them for routine cleaning plan or for the next cleaning.

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Do not need a routine cleaning service? No problem, our one-time cleaning service will show you our high performance and high-quality services we provide. Although you do not need a recurring cleaning, you can use our apartment cleaning services on a time-to-time basis. Believe us you will like it! You will never look for any other house or apartment cleaning services provider.


Do you need any hand for a seasonal or a spring cleaning? Call, text us, or reach us by any other other means right now and we’ll help you to render your apartment to the clean and cozy place called home sweet home.

We provide standard, regular, or general cleaning as well as deep or semi-deep house and apartment cleaning services. We can clean all the apartment or just a part of it.

Do you need the cleaning of your bathrooms or kitchen only? Contact us and we’ll cover you.

Were you discharged from the hospital and need any help with the cleaning? We’ll cover you as well.


Need a routine or recurring cleaning services? We offer a variety of house and apartment cleaning plans, including a customizable one.


What is a regular house cleaning services?

It is general or standard house cleaning services. This kind of services is not deep one. More information about what included in the regular cleaning services you can find here.

Our specialty is deep and semi-deep cleaning; however, we offer general or standat cleaning services too. Nonetheless, our regular cleaning services differ from what other cleaning providers offer. Although you order standard cleaning, we will do semi-deep cleaning instead.

House cleaning services in the Denver Metro | Diamond Shine Co


What is deep house cleaning services?

Deep house cleaning services, proimarily, meen deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen. Also, it means more deep cleaning of your main area and bedrooms.

However, deep cleaning doesn’t mean removing of all deepest stains on your walls, basebords, and doors. You should understand, although we will try very hard, there are might be some very deep stains in your house that we won’t be able to remove.


By the way, we prefer eco-friendly cleaning products beacuse of our concern for our environment, ourselves, and you. Furthermore, we firmly beleive that only eco-friendly house cleaning services can be the best cleaning services. You are worthy of the best and try to provide you the best possible house cleaning services in the Denver metro.


Made a decision to try us?

Call or text us at 303-802-6060 or 303-883-8444, or reach us by any other means to schedule your next cleaning. We’re looking forward to hearing from you to schedule your next cleaning. We take proud in our work. We want to see you satisfied!