Parker, Colorado is very nice place that attracts many newcomers. So many people buying houses, condos, or apartments in Parker now. Hence, there is a growing demand in service providers here.

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Growth of Parker Population

According to Wikipedia in 1990 the population of Parker consisted only 5,450 people. In 2016, it was grown to more than 52,000. This is more than 935% growth of population. In fact, Parker is now the 19th most populous municipality in the state of Colorado. What made Parker such a popular place?

I don’t know about you, but I love Parker. When I moved to this area about 5 months ago I wasn’t familiar with the Greater Denver Metro area yet. However, when my wife and I looked for a house to rent, we loved Parker area. Why?

It is not overcrowded as some other parts of Denver metro are; therefore, it is so calm here. At the same time it has everything you need in the vicinity. Malls, theaters, different centers are close enough. It has good infrastructure. Most of all, there are a lot of new houses, condos, and apartments here and they are not as expensive as in nearby cities.

Another factor contributed to the growth of population in Parker is its location. As a matter of fact, Parker is located 20 miles southeast of Denver – just about 30 minutes drive away. Many people want to live in a large city like Denver because they can easier find good job there, but living in a Metropolitan usually is very expensive. However, living in Parker is a way cheaper.

Another factor that draw many people to this area were discussed in my post House Cleaning Services In Denver And I.
If you recently moved to Parker or anywhere within the Geater Denver Metro area, it would be useful to join the following Facebook group – Newbies in Denver. It is designated to discuss any possible question newcomer would ask. Denverites want to help you to love the city and to be acquainted with all its interesting spots.
Newbies in Denver - Facebook Group

Climate of Parker

Parker sits at an elevation of 5,900 feet above sea level. What does it mean? We’re closer to the sun than those who live on lower levels. As a result, the sun is brighter here than, for example, in the state of New York. The dry moderate climate in Parker attract people like me.

I was born and grew up on the Black Sea shore with hot and humid subtropical climate. Four years ago we moved to Miami, Florida. Florida climate almost killed me, but when I first visited Colorado, I fell in love with this state, its climate, and cloudless sky. Consequently, we moved to Parker about 5 months ago.

House Cleaners In Parker – Before Diamond Shine Co

With this growth of population in Parker area, the demand in different kinds of services arose concurrently. Before Diamond Shine Co was incorporated, I made a research and discovered some interesting points. Most people unsatisfied with existing cleaning companies and professional cleaners.
There is a stereotype about house cleaners who charge hourly rates. Many people assume the cleaners are lazy and waste their time to phone calls, texting, eating, or just resting. They’re sure cleaners overcharge them. It is understandable because, unfortunately, there are a lot of such so-called professional cleaners who do not know how to do their work thoroughly. Moreover, they are reluctant while working.

Also, people wary about house cleaners because they heard, read, or even experienced by themselves when some housekeepers stole something from the owners during their cleaning.

Lastly, many people do not satisfy with the quality of the cleaning. When we just started, Natalia went to one house make an estimate. The owner showed her a house and told her she’s not satisfied with her current house cleaner and now she’s looking for someone else. It was understandable because, though, the house was cleaned the day before the estimate was made, it looked like nobody cleaned it for a long time.

House Cleaning Services In Parker – Diamond Shine Co

Fortunately, now any person living in Parker can easily find a qualified, reputable, reliable, credible house cleaning company. It is Diamond Shine Co that was incorporated by Natalia Danelian, who has a solid experience in residential and commercial cleaning services.

Although, Diamond Shine Co is a relatively new cleaning company, we’ve already got a good reputation among our clients. Unfortunately, our satisfied clients haven’t left their reviews on our website or Facebook page yet. We started our website and Facebook page only about a month ago. However, we can provide you with references. Most of our clients will happily share their opinion and reviews about quality of our services by phone.

Professional Maid Service | Parker, CO | New Level Of Services

What makes Diamond Shine Co different? It is the standards, professional ethics, consciousness, and resourcefulness.

Natalia is confident that quality of the work is crucial as well as reputation of your company. It impels her to do her work thoroughly. Her principles do not allow her to do her work superficially.

As a matter of fact, she is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and it is in unthinkable to steal something from the house she cleans. She rather gives away something she has than take something that belong to another person.

Some clients hire her just to one-time cleaning to see how she will work. Is she lazy? Some clients try to test her if she clean hidden places. It’s very funny for us because it is contrary to her ethics.

If you want ideal house cleaning services, yes, the best house cleaning service in Parker, text or call us right now at 303.802.6060 to schedule a free estimate or make an appointment for cleaning. You can fill out the form GET A QUOTE as well.

Why High Quality Cleaning Services are important?

If you are an owner of the house, apartment, or condo, you made an investment when you bought the real estate property. You want keeps your investment increasing, not reducing, don’t you? Depreciation is something that can reduce your investments. I already wrote about it in my post How Much Does Cleaning Cost?

Shortly, if you want to prevent depreciation of your house, you must hire high-quality house cleaners and clean your property regularly, that is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Frequency of cleaning depends on many factors and it is the theme for another post.

How much does house cleaning service cost?

It is very important question, and I already have a post about it in How Much Does House Cleaning Cost? However, more important to ask yourself, How much are you ready to pay for quality house cleaning work? Remember, it keeps your investment into your real estate property increasing and prevent its depreciation.

Someone would say, he’ll just hire someone for $12 per hour because he or she doesn’t care about the quality much. However, here is very interesting point. Are you sure you will save if you hire someone for $12 per hour?

We have an old saying, “A greedy pay twice”. Cheap cleaners can lazily waste their working time and it might happen you’d pay more than if you hire a true professional cleaner. Moreover, are you sure you won’t pay more for maintenance if they don’t clean thoroughly and carefully?

The quality in house cleaning are very important. However, price range is important as well. Rates should be affordable and rational.

Eco-friendly house cleaning services in Parker, CO

Another Diamond Shine Co advantage is that we proudly use green cleaning products because we care about your health and safety. Traditional cleaning products are very dangerous for living beings and the environment. Therefore, we use effective but eco-friendly cleaning products.


The choice is up to you. You can choose Diamond Shine Co or any other house cleaning provider. We want to encourage you to think carefully about the candidacy of your next cleaner.

To get the best quality house cleaning service in Parker, Co contact us by phone, email, or fill out the Contact Us form. We’ll get in touch with you within several minutes.

You definitely will love our house cleaning services as most other people do. Please recommend us to your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives if they live in Douglas or Arapahoe counties.

If you like my article, please live your comment. I’d like to know what do you think about this theme and the services we provide. Feel free to ask questions. If you found any mistakes in the article please let me know as well. English is my third language and I try my best in writing this and other articles.

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