Diamond Shine Co is a leading cleaning company in Denver Metro area. We provide house cleaning services in Aurora, CO, as well as in other southern parts of Denver Metro. We implement a unique approach to the cleaning process that distinguishes us from our competitors. Let’s talk about who we are and how we work, but first a little bit statistics about Aurora and why we serve this area.

Aurora, CO – Facts

According Wikipedia Aurora is the third most populous city in the state of Colorado and the 54th most populous city in the United States.

Aurora originated in the 1880s as the town of Fletcher.

Inhabitants decided to rename the town Aurora in 1907.

Became a city in 1929.

Population (1930): 2,295

Population (1970): 74,974

Population (2000): 276,393
Population (2016): 361,710

Elevation: 5,471 feet (1,668 m)

Aurora All-American City

Why Do So Many People move To Aurora?

In his article 8 Reasons to Move to Aurora, Colorado Teree Caruthers lists following reasons to move to Aurora, Colorado


  1. It’s “The Most Active City in America”
  2. It’s a great place for raising your future pro athletes
  3. Their golf courses are on par with the best
  4. And then there’s the culture…
  5. They have lotsa great hospitals
  6. They have a long, fascinating history
  7. They offer diverse, delicious cuisine options
  8. It’s a retail paradise

Yes, there are a lot of reasons why people decide to move to Aurora, Colorado.

Cleaning in Aurora, CO

The exponential growth of population demands more service providers on the market. However, time is gone when you could provide poor services. Customers and clients demand high-quality services. They want quality house cleaning service and maid services in Aurora, CO.

Therefore, cleaning companies try to control the quality of their services and do anything they can to keep their clients; however, there is a big fundamental problem. What is it?

House Cleaning Services – Aurora, CO

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Paradoxically, the essential problem of the most cleaning companies in Aurora is their staff. Managers of these companies understand their need in good and diligent workers, but altogether they know that good employee can be on demand among customers and sooner or later he or she might start his or her own cleaning business, and what if some clients will choose to go after him or her? That is very risky. They instead will try to control their unqualified staff and change them frequently.

Of course, big companies have a long list of clients and most of those clients will stay with the company for a long time because of loyalty to the partner, and because they do not want to change their habit.

However, more and more people look for quality house cleaning services; therefore, they are picky. Are you one of them?

House Cleaning Cost – Important Factor

Where to find diligent qualified professional house cleaner who has an expertise in cleaning services? Unfortunately, there are not many genuinely qualified cleaners in Aurora. Why?

Thoroughly cleaning the house is not an easy task, and it can’t be done fast. The quality cleaning service is a time-consuming and very weary job. Do you believe anyone will do this work for $12 per hour?

Never! Nobody will do his or her best for chicken feed. In fact, there are a lot of housekeepers who clean houses for $12-$17 per hour, but they do only superficial cleaning. Are you satisfied with it, or you want a more thorough cleaning?

Exceptional House Cleaning Services – Aurora, CO


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At the beginning of this year, Diamond Shine Co started to provide residential and commercial cleaning services in Aurora, Colorado. We focus on exceptional cleaning services and our clients’ satisfaction. The founder and primary cleaner of the company, whose name is Natalia, is very responsible, reliable, credible, and diligent person, who pays much attention to details.


For the short time we operate in Colorado, we’ve gotten many satisfied clients, so if you need any references from our clients, we’ll happily provide their contact information after their consent.

Some of our clients even call Natalia a magic cleaner, who transform the house or its parts into bright and shiny place. Would you like to test our cleaning? Call us at 303.802.6060 or 303.883.8444 and schedule a free estimate or either one-time or routine cleaning.

Our prices for cleaning services are not the cheapest ones, an at the same time, not too high for the service you’ll get. We can customize your needs and special requests and make a deal for you.

Do You Want To Lose Your Investment?

Undoubtedly, your real estate property appreciation is crucial, because market value depends on it. Therefore, you definitely, want to keep your house in excellent condition and state.

We’ll help you with this. Our cleaner will keep your house in good condition.

Floors, kitchen cabinets, and appliances, as well as bathrooms, must be clean to preserve longer. You can be efficient and postpone a remodeling or repair if you let us clean your house regularly.

Diamond Shine Co

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We are leading provider of residential and commercial cleaning services in Aurora and other parts of Greater Denver Metro area. Our focus on the quality of services we provide and our unique approach to the cleaning services makes us distinguished out of all our competitors.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products in our work because we care about the environment and your health and safety.

If you cherish quality and try our services, you definitely won’t even think about changing your cleaning service provider ever. Why not get a try?

Tired of poor cleaning services?

Need a reliable cleaning provider?

Need a quality house cleaning services in Aurora?

Need one-time house cleaning?

Need a routine house cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)?

Need a move-out cleaning?

Need a post-construction cleaning?

Contact us and we’ll do our work to your satisfaction.

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