Daniil Danelian
Name: Daniil Danelian
Phone: 7202392095
Email: co.diamondshine@gmail.com

Daniil is a marketing assistant, and his job is crucial for our team. We are proud that Daniil Danelian is that one gem.

As you see Diamond Shine Co is a family-run business. Natalia runs it, Ruslan markets it, and Daniil, their son, helps them to do it.

Daniil works a lot to expose Diamond Shine Co in social media. He prepares ads, posts, and other marketing materials to post them on different social media platforms.

Social marketing is not an easy task. It requires discipline. Furthermore, you have to post not only business posts but something exciting and valuable for your audience. Daniil is the guy who’s deciding what to post and do it regularly.

If you want to see something specific on Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media platforms, just let him know what is interesting for you.

Don’t judge him strictly, because he, as a marketing assistant, is still learning local marketing strategies and digital art. From time to time, he does make mistakes, even grammatical.

However, you always can send him any advice on marketing strategy or send him a message to correct his misspells.