Natalia Danelian
Name: Natalia Danelian

My name is Natalia Danelian. I am the founder and the owner of Diamond Shine Co, and I am very proud to run this company. Why?

Diamond Shine Co, without exaggeration, is the best professional cleaning company in the Charlotte Metro. Why can I be so sure about it?

Why my company and I are different?

It’s very simple. As an owner of Diamond Shine Co, I do everything to keep my company on top and to stand behind the name.

My focus is high-quality, high-performance, and efficiency. That’s why I scrutinize everyone who wants to join our team as a professional cleaner. As a result, all our associated cleaners comply with our mission and standards. Moreover, they are individual contractors who care about the quality of services they provide. Why? It is one of the critical requirements to stay with us and, yes, to keep you as a regular client. Otherwise, they’ll be disassociated from our cleaning company and lost all their clients.

My rates and Quality

Our rates are not the cheapest in the metro, but the quality of our work is exceptional. You can ask our clients, who will confirm that it’s not just my words. So, if you opt for an outstanding house cleaning service and you are ready to pay a reasonable price for it, Diamond Shine Co with me, Natalia Danelian, is your best option.

How different are my cleaning company and me from others?

Speaking of me as a professional cleaner, whenever I do regular cleaning, I do it thoroughly. I prefer deep and semi-deep cleaning all the time I clean my client’s home. Therefore, no one of my clients needs a special deep cleaning from time to time.  No matter how much time and power it takes, I do my best to make sure my clients are happy. That’s why every time I completed the job, I send a feedback request. If you weren’t entirely satisfied, I would come back to improve everything to make you happy.

All our associates follow my example. Thus, everytime we clean houses, we clean them as perfect as possible.

More information about me, why I formed a cleaning company, and my mission you can find in an article The Story of A+ Professional Cleaning Services Provider. Also, you can follow me, Natalia Danelian, on Social Media, like Facebook.