Name: Ruslan Danelian
Phone: 3038838444

My name is Ruslan Danelian. I am a marketing specialist, web-developer, and realtor. As a matter of fact, I’m a husband of Natalia Danelian, who is the owner of the cleaning company.

My experience

I have substantial experience in local marketing. So far, I helped many business owners to grow their businesses to get more clients and to generate more revenue. Some of them became much more compatible on the market, keep staying on top among their competitors.

What do I do for Diamond Shine Co?

As a marketing specialist, I am very proud that I could help my wife to market her venture. It wasn’t a super easy task, as it seems to be. Why?

I knew that she has an absolutely different approach to the cleaning work she does. Sometimes she spends much more time to complete her job as perfect as possible only because she cannot leave the job unfinished. She never clean superficially. She does an excellent job! Therefore, we need clients who care about the quality of cleaning, not only about how much we charge. Moreover, she needs not too many clients to spend enough time with the family.

So it wasn’t just a simple lead generation. I created a marketing strategy and started to implement it step-by-step.

Our initial results

After we launched our website, we’ve got more than 1000 unique visitors just for the first week. Furthermore, surprisingly, Natalia’s schedule was mostly full instantly. What is more, most of her clients became her regular ones.

Further results

Time went, and we’ve got more and more requests for our services. To handle them, we decided to expand our company, but not in a traditional way. However, it’s another story.

At this time, as a marketing specialist, I proud to help my wife, Natalia Danelian, to get more exposure to her cleaning company and to get more qualified clients.

Consequently, Diamond Shine Co became an affiliate member of the SMDRA (South Metro Denver Realtor Association).

Real estate specialists

Our priority now is to exposure Diamond Shine Co to real estate professionals and investors. If you are a realtor, property manager, or investor and you need a reliable and top-quality residential cleaner, Diamond Shine Co is your best option.

Nobody clean house better than Diamond Shine Co cleaners. A perfectly clean home sells faster than a superficially clean one. Moreover, it sells for top dollar. Alternatively, it attracts new tenants if it is for rent.

Furthermost, as a marketing specialist, I’m working on some useful web tools for Diamond Shine Co and other cleaning companies, that will help them to run their business and to make clients happier.

If you need any help with local marketing, advertising, or web/mobile/software development, please contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to help you. Consultation is absolutely free.